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Director's Story


After having worked for years in Toronto fertility clinics, I was fortunate to gain valuable knowledge and a deep understanding in the field of Reproductive Medicine.  This included a wide range of experience in gamete storage, embryo donation and all accounting aspects. 

With such a passion for working with patients day to day, I saw quickly a common theme of how patients and intended parents felt during the process of their fertility journey. 

So I went to work building Epione Fertility Consulting. A stress free way of partnering with the best industry professionals worldwide from conception, birth and aftercare.

My focus is to ensure that you are heard, you are confident, and you are supported. 

There are many things you can do in regards to fertility these days, but I think having the right tools and information is the best first step.

Thank you for letting me have the privilege to be by your side during this special time in building your family. 


Talia Lindie